Oxford House Wakefield - Halfway House

Oxford House Wakefield


1088 Rio Road East
Charlottesville, VA - 22901

Oxford House Wakefield is a self-run, self-supported recovery house for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Oxford House Wakefield is an all male facility. Every Oxford house represents an effective and low cost method of preventing relapse. On a monthly basis, the Oxford houses in a geographic area get together to share their common experiences in order to assure that Oxford House Wakefield operates in a way that preserves the good name of Oxford House and encourages more experienced houses to help newer ones. Call to learn more about the cost and expenses of living at the house. This house accommodates 8 residents. This recovery house is part of a larger nationwide nonprofit organization.

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  1. Thursday, January 2, 2020

    My name is Brenda Kiser - I am trying to find a place for my son who is Heath Kiser. He is an alcoholic. Has been incarcerated and released. Has no place to live and I cannot take care of him. Right now he is living in a little shed - with no bathroom - no running water - has a space heater - but I cannot and will not continue paying his light bill to stay warm. He is having to use my bathroom. And will not stop drinking. I am not going to continue with this arrangement. I am 70 years old and cannot take care of him any longer and he needs to go. ASAP - He also has mental issues - classified as mild mental retardation - has no reasoning! Please help. Can you assist with living arrangements? There are no assets Cost?

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