About Us

We are a free online resource of halfway houses and sober living facilities across the US. Clients and sober locations may have different definitions for halfway houses which is why we provide designated halfway houses, transitional housing locations, and sober living facilities. We provide as much information as possible on our details pages. If you have a question on any of these facilities, we urge you to call the location to find out complete details. We provide this as a helpful directory for those searching for help.

Many of the locations provided in this directory provide sliding scale fees only which are based on earnings. We specify this information on our details pages.

Our list is continually growing and we try to provide as much information as possible including photos and reviews.

If you need to contact us, fill out the form below. If you are making updates to your locations in this directory, please be specific as to your name, location, and phone number. We have many sober living facilities with similar names and want to make sure we correct information properly.