Oxford House Humphrey II - Halfway House

Oxford House Humphrey II


3542 Humphrey
St. Louis, MO - 63118

Oxford House Humphrey is a self-run, self-supported recovery house for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. This facility accepts men only. Oxford Houses are a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. A representative of each House in the Chapter meets with the others on a monthly basis, to exchange information, to seek resolution of problems in a particular House, and to express that Chapter's vote on larger issues.
Call to learn more about the cost and expenses of living at the house. This facility has a maximum capacity of nine residents. Oxford House Humphrey is part of a publicly supported, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation umbrella organization which provides the network of all Oxford Houses and allocates resources to duplicate the Oxford House concept where needs arise.

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  1. Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    Do you accept sex offenders? my son should be released from prison but was sent to jail because he doesnt have a place to parole out to. His offense was 14 yrs ago, never repeated, (underage girl) he was in prison for failing to register when he visited me. Thank you

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