Oxford House Hazel - Halfway House

Oxford House Hazel

(316) 977-9328

1811 N Redbarn Lane
Wichita, KS - 67212

Oxford House Hazel is a self-run, self-supported recovery house for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. This house is open to women and children only. Oxford Houses are a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. On a monthly basis, the Oxford houses in a geographic area get together to share their common experiences in order to assure that Oxford House Hazel operates in a way that preserves the good name of Oxford House and encourages more experienced houses to help newer ones.
The women of Oxford House Hazel pay all the expenses related to the maintenance of the house. This house accommodates eight residents. This recovery house is part of a larger nationwide nonprofit organization.

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  1. Thursday, November 26, 2020

    I'm looking to move into a Oxford house. I would be a great candidate as I am doing this on my own free will trying to get back to myself again.

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