Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing - Halfway House

Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing


4000 Washington Street NE
Columbia Heights, MN - 55421

Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing offers a season of hope, achievement, restoration, growth, and continued healing in recovery and walking with the Lord. Description OUR MISSION AND BELIEFS At Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing, we believe that, by building a firm foundation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, each person struggling with substance abuse and harmful behaviors can be set free to live their life to their full potential! By partnering with other believers and people in recovery, we have seen it proven in our own lives and the lives of many others, that it is impossible to battle alcoholism, addictions, and day-to-day struggles alone. We believe that success comes from supporting each other, encouraging one another, and offering accountability and resources to make better choices which lead to a spirit-filled life. In order to have the life that you hope and dream for, there must be an investment and willingness to search your own heart and help others to do the same, working together as a team. We hope to offer each person who partners with Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing a season of hope, achievement, restoration, growth, joy, and continued healing both in their recovery and walk with the Lord. OUR PROGRAM AND FACILITY After treatment or corrections, what is the next step for those desiring to continue their life in recovery? Most often, a transitional or sober housing program is the next step that provides a resource, assistance, connection and friendship to that person in need. Christ Satisfies Transitional Housing is a bit different than others . . . we offer assistance with life skills, spiritual needs, and other resources. However, our belief is that by encouraging and supporting more independence and choices -- it promotes growth in each person and challenges them to start using and practicing the skills they have learned in treatment or previous educational environments. We don't feel it is beneficial to dictate what church or recovery meetings you go to because, from our experience, when you feel belonging and acceptance somewhere then you will desire and be more willing to invest your time and life with these support groups. The Men\'s House is fully furnished and over 5,000 square feet. The home has 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, seasonal porch and outside area. It is on the bus line and close to shopping and grocery stores. We offer off-street and street parking, depending on availability. OUR OPTIONS, DEPOSIT AND ASSISTANCE We offer both individual ($550/mo) and double occupancy rooms ($500/mo) -- all of which have closets, storage, or dressers. We offer each person the choice, depending on availability. The double occupancy rooms are much larger giving each person a good amount of space. Like other sober living houses, we require a damage/sobriety deposit of $500 per person that will be returned if resident provides a 45 day notice prior to moving out. There is no lease or required amount of time to stay. We also partner with funding programs as a licensed rental facility that allows a person with proof of employment to obtain assistance for first month's rent and deposit, if needed. OUR EXPECTATIONS * Remain substance free. Random UAs given. * Attend 2 recovery meetings of your choice per week. * Attend 1 church service per week. * Have a mentor or sponsor that you keep in connection with. * Hold a job. * Participate in house responsibilities taking care of the living environment you use and follow assignments by house manager. * Follow requirements of probation, parole, or court. * No weapons/violence allowed on property. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT FOR A VIEWING, PLEASE CALL or EMAIL: Chris 612.655.2887

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