Assisi Bridge House - Halfway House

Assisi Bridge House

(985) 872-5529

600 Bull Run Road
Schriever, LA - 70395

The Assisi Bridge House (ABH) is a residential halfway house for chemically dependent men. The Independent Living Program (ILP) is a transitional residential program for men who have succesfully completed the ABH program.


Men with addictions are given the opportunity to live in a community setting in which they make a commitment to change. Assisi Bridge House supports the 12-step program of AA, NA, etc. Each client is given a monthly treatment plan addressing his personal needs. Family participation is encouraged. The staff includes licensed, doctorate and master\'s level professionals and counselors with many years of experience in treating addictions.

Assisi Bridge House (ABH) is a secondary care program, a halfway house, for men addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Assisi Bridge House-Phase 4 is an independent living program for those who have graduated from Assisi Bridge House and need additional supportive services.

These programs are offered to men eighteen years and older with a drinking or drug problem. Applicants must have satisfactorily completed a recent primary treatment and be willing to make changes in their lives. ABH can accommodate up to fifteen men at a time and Phase 4 up to four men.

The ABH program is offered for a nominal fee of $10.00 per day or $300.00/month. We will not ask anybody to leave due to inability to pay as long as we see the commitment to cooperate. However, we do expect payment from those who can afford it and from residents who, after completing the initial phase of the program, go to work.

After completion of the Assisi Bridge House program, we offer admission to our Independent Living Program (ILP), housed in a local apartment complex. ILP Residents must be working and able to pay their own rent, food costs and other needs. They are living independently in community with other ABH graduates committed to a recovery lifestyle.

The ABH has a goal-centered program with weekly evaluations by the community. Residents set goals and are evaluated in the following fourteen areas of recovery: Cooperation/Leadership, Spirituality, Feelings, Communications, Values, Finances, Social Interaction, Family, Education/Vocation, Health/Fitness/Recreation, Legal Problems, Steps of AA/NA, Sponsorship, and Relapse Prevention. Evaluation of the ABH program has shown that residents with the best chance for maintaining sobriety of those who remain in the ABH for at least three months and then enter the Independent Living Program.

Mission Statement: Jesus left us the mission. Jesus gave us the mission. Jesus gave us our mission statement: “Make disciples.” Far too often our parish mission statements are long, cumbersome, and complex. They are so complex most parishioners dismiss them. We consistently have to explain our mission statements in order for parishioners to understand their purpose. However, “If you have to make statements to clarify your statements then your statements aren’t making statements.” Perhaps our parish mission statements are too complex. Perhaps the mission from Jesus is the mission statement for every parish: “Go, and make disciples.”


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